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Operations Six is an iOS game for iPad and iPhone. Similar to "24", Krypto, or Combination from the UK. The goal is to use as many of 6 numbers, and the basic operations, to get a target number.

e.g. if you were given 1,2,3,4,5,6, and the target was 7 one solution would be: (6-5)*2-1*4+3 = 7

Operations are done left to right, without regard for the order of operations.

**This code finds the solution for five different numbers and a target. Somehow adding six adds twice as much to the code and time processing, or maybe I do not know what I am doing. Combining two numbers in the game gives you five and a target, so the difference is trivial. The answers may have parenthesis which is not in the game, but using some logic you can figure out how to type it in the right order.

This only works for numbers > 0 (not the hard levels!)


There are ~ 15,000,000 different combinations of the digits 1-9, if you go higher than 9, you double the number of possible for each number above it.
1-10 = 25,000,000 combinations
1-11 = 45,000,000 combinations
1-12 = 63,000,000 combinations
1-20 = 819,000,000 combinations

This is a web app!! Add to homescreen to get a nice little icon and a sweet little solver app
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